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Here there be dragons!
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DreamCyberium has started a donation pool!
238 / 19,879
I want to have points for aditional.... stuff, I guess. Also, I want to be able to give a few people stuff using these points. :heart:

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  • :iconormirian:
    Donated Jun 25, 2014, 1:10:29 PM
At the current rate of donations toward my points pool for donations, I am earning roughly 39 points per year on average. If the math is correct, it would take me approximately 509 years before I reach my goal (give or take), since the year 2010 in which I have founded this account.

I wonder... will I outlast the website or will it outlast me? I'm debating on whether I should find a method for biological immortality just to be able to still help others on this wretched website, as I had originally planned with that points pool. Although, at this point, I really don't think it would be worth it.

Perhaps, 509 years from now, if I am lucky enough to have children (which is probably unlikely), maybe many many generations from now, they may be able to tend to this account to see to it that, one day, perhaps the DreamCyberium can support a cause. Assuming this website lasts that long. Which is debateable, considering that it is going to shit. As if it hasn't already.


Artist | Professional | Traditional Art

Oh, hallo! I see you have visited my profile page. If you wish to flame me or spam me or whatever you desire to bring upon my page, feel free. I actually look forward to the negativity for the amusment. Also, I decided to not give a fuck what happens to me on the webs. If you came here with a more positive intention, feel free to bring that upon my page as well. I would appreciate that too.

I have a huge list of people on this site that irritate me that I wish would disappear. Hmm... also, I love despair. But only when it is another person's despair. Neither mine nor my friends. Lmfao.…

®∂πdøm d∑√;∂π†

Please look at my gallery. I would appreciate any feedback you can give me! I have for some reason been called popular every now and then (which is actually surprising considering the many more who are here who have that), but if you somehow get that vibe, that is not what I look for in this site. I look for recognition for my work, and I strive to improve my work more each time I draw. If you like my work, please give me a watch. I know there are more professional people out there, but give me a chance and I gurantee you won't regret looking at my work. I like to believe that I have improved a lot in just one year. :)

Commissions here!

Want me to draw something for you? Just click this link for details and we can get started as soon as you note me.



~The new dream

Current Residence: [Classified], Favourite genre of music: Techno, Favourite style of art: Dark Scifi-Fantasy and character design, Operating System: The Cyberium, Shell of choice: ҉.҉.҉.҉.҉.҉.҉.҉.҉.҉.҉, Favourite cartoon character: BeetleJuice

F.A.Q about DreamCyberium</u>

What is your nationality? :o
It doesn't matter where the fuck I am from. I could be from planet Zort for all you know. I don't care where you think I am from, so go ahead and take a wild guess. So far people have assumed I am Spanish, British, American, Canadian, and even German. u:

How old are you?
Doesn't matter what age I am. I could be younger than you, I could be older than you.

Are you a guy or a girl??
Does it matter if I am a guy or a girl?

What is your gender?
Does that matter? Does my gender play some kind of important role in society?

How long have you been drawing?
Oh, quite a long time. I've been drawing ever since I could pick up a crayon and scribble on shit. Lmfao.

Where do you get your ideas from?? :D
Most of the stuff is drawn from figments of my imagination. I do get inspiration from watching a lot of horror, scifi/fantasy, and even mystery. I also love Tim Burton. He is my idol in character design. Although, my more recent inspirations in art are Queenofdragins. They have helped me get a general way of going about what I draw taught me whole lot about myself as an artist. I feel that Quirachen also plays a small part in my influence of art too. I can't say her style has really contributed to my art seeing as that it's mostly digital art, but she has been a huge motivation to me for drawing and trying to improve. I also feel my mojo in drawing when I listen to music, especially by my favourite artists. Another culprit in the influence of my art is from playing a lot of video games and watching cartoons.

What is your opinion on literature?
I must say, I highly respect literature and writing. While I am no writer myself, I am around many writers. My step father is good at writing. My two closest friends that I occasionally hang out with are both amazing writers! Yoru-Akuma and Lord-Drissary. Check them out! I am even collaborating ideas with those two to make stories and legends. However, the list doesn't end. Delta-Hexagon is also amazing writers who you need to check out! Please take a look at these talented people as well since they play a part in my life and ideas and such, and because I know they all love the support from others.

You collaborate ideas with other people? What are your current projects with them?
Right now everything we are working on has a lot of depth in their stories, but we are still far from being finished. Two of my favourite and more notable stories I am working on is mostly with Yoru-Akuma: "2908" and "CrossOver." You can see some of the concept art for some of these stories I am working on that are in my gallery. Another unamed story I am working on is with Lord-Drissary. I have some concept art in my gallery for our story as well.

Are you a troll?
No, not really. I kind of was long ago, but that shit gets people in trouble. Though, if you fuck with me or my friends, I will give you hell. Otherwise, I'm very rational and reasonable. .u.

I heard you liek mudkips?
Good job.

Oh my god, you typo?
Despite my decent grammar, yes, I do typo, believe it or not.

How many OCs do you have, and what is your oldest one, and maybe tell us a bit about it?
I have to say that I have so many I don't even remember the amount. I could have as many ranging between 75-120 (rough estimate), maybe more? A bit portion of them are villains, though. I love designing villains and boss-like characters. Some of my OCs aren't as developed as others, but most of them are named, some have a basic background, etc. I still need to focus on the more important ones. I like to recycle my character designs and transform them into official OCs later where and when I see fit. So far, I think my oldest OC is Sub ZERO, who is a villain I had kept in use for around 10 years. Originally, his name first began as SUBZOGA, but I changed it to ZERO after I changed the abbreviation of each letter, which for some reason is now completely forgotten, and thus I no longer remember what his current name abbreviates. But nevertheless, the character is still in some of the final stages of the development. Yeah, I take a LONG time to develop my characters, but I try to give them deep depth to give them more life and a history for others to think about.

What do you think of yourself as an artist?
I used to be so damn proud of my work before I joined deviant art. I thought I was really amazing and I'd make it quickly into the world with something others like. When I first joined deviantART, I didn't realize how much of a competition it was here and I had no fucking idea how many talented artists there were in the world. Much to my dismay, I was actually very surprised I was just a single ant among the population of the other artists, struggling to become known in the crowd and quickly learned the tough way that I was NOT the top dog when it came to art. Now, after seeing so much here and after the way a lot of other "better" artists had treated me, it kind of damaged my own opinion on my work and really hurt me and it's caused me to go into several art blocks, and at the time I was pretty unhappy with what I drew. I felt I wasn't "good enough" for you guys. However...
Fortunately, I don't go on here as much now and try not to make it a competition among the others (and also realizing at just how many of you do care and love my stuff), I've got more motivation and confidence. Although, lately I've been drawing more for myself and honestly, I've been loving a lot of the stuff I've been drawing again. I used to draw everyday, but not as frequently now, but still, I produce stuff and I enjoy it enough not to really stop doing what I love. So my general opinion on my art? I think I'm getting there. I want to be at a point where I can consider myself elite, but right now I am just producing more advanced stuff in some ways and I personally believe I've had my epic moments. And hey, I even try to impress people with the stuff I do. <:

What do you think of yourself as a person?
Ah, I've been asked this a few times, but not as often than others. I'll admit, I can be pretty stupid at times, and I've done stupid things. I've done things I regret and some of the things I had done had ended up hurting some of my friends. And I've said stupid things I regret later :/ but I never mean to bring harm to anyone. I've screwed up, I'll admit, and I'm not perfect, but I try not not to screw up if I can catch myself >.< I'm sure this can be applied to many people, though. But generally I'm pretty good about things and keeping my friends close to me. I've also done things I regret which almost caused me to not proceed anywhere in life such as slacking at times and what not. However, I'm good with words, I come with good intention and I care a lot for other people's feelings and I always put others before myself. I try not to ever be selfish. Doesn't mean I'm stupid (generally speaking); I won't let others take advantage of me or walk all over me. So my general opinion on myself? I try to be a good person who has meaning and brings meaning.

Care to say anything about your pet peeves?
Sometimes my reactions to things are questionable, but I suppose many people do. One of my pet peeves are about actions and intentions without meaning. I also hate it when others go against what they say. I make exceptions, but generally I seek reason in things. Does this mean I'll immediately turn hostile to you? No. Yeah, I know, I must sound really obnoxious.

Is your mind corrupted? :dummy:
I saw the film Akira when I was seven years old thinking "oh look, a cartoon! 8D" ...does that count?

Have I any other questions for you?
I don't know, do you? If you do, feel free to note me or give me a shout on my page and I'll post it on here if it's important enough. :3

Thanks for reading the facts about me. I look forward to more questions!


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She's obsessed with dA. She's pulled the suicide card so many times that all of her friends left her, so now she is ban evading completely on her own. She's so desperate to make it look like people care about her that she even made up a fictional boyfriend, I am sure you met them -cough cough thepokerakwatp cough-

She's mad because she was banned. Or something. I don't know. But boy does she love to call people nigger and faggot.
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